Saddle Rock Ridge Farm
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Saddle Rock Ridge Farm Photo Gallery
We are very camera happy here, so please enjoy some of our favorite snapshots!

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The creation of Saddle Rock Ridge Farm: 
Shannon standing next to the newly completed barn and holding the keys to the tack room.
After Ms. Vicki finished laying down the first base for the stalls.
Glen and Brandon working on leveling the area for the riding ring.
The completed riding ring.
Attempting to topple the large, dying cedar tree in the pasture-to-be.
A view of the riding ring during construction from the pasture.
An owl surveying the property.
We frequently have deer stopping by; here we have a buck stopping to eat some leaves.
Our picnic table with a doe passing by in the background.
A rather large squirrel holding an acorn on the edge of the picnic table, perhaps stocking up for the winter.
An early morning fog passes through the valley while the air around the barn remains clear, higher up on the mountain.
Hollywood Heartbrkr and Shannon take a detour up to the house while cooling out after a ride.
Hollywood Heartbrkr looking across the pasture from his stall door.
Hollywood Heartbrkr and Shannon stop up by the house for a quick photo-op.
Hollywood Heartbrkr waiting for his dinner on a summer evening.
Little Miss and Shannon getting ready for a lunging session.
Little Miss striking a pose in the yard by the house.
The spirit in a horse's eye is like no other.
Finale and Tex meeting for the first time.
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