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About Saddle Rock Ridge Farm
Saddle Rock Ridge Farm is committed to continually improving the abilities of equines, riders, and ourselves. We care most about not only helping our customers, but giving quality care to each horse that finds its way to us.

Saddle Rock Ridge Farm is owned and operated  in Linglestown, PA, right outside of Harrisburg. We offer a calm, relaxing environment that is family and horse friendly. 

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Meet the Crew!
Shannon (Pannebakker) Klinger

Shannon is the founder, owner, and trainer at Saddle Rock Ridge Farm. Her love of equines began as a toddler, with her rodeo-cowboy grandfather giving her pony rides around his small farm when she would visit him. At the age of nine, she began riding regularly and working at her trainer's barn to earn free riding time. From there she trained with several well-known instructors and worked her way up through the years. She eventually was able to sell her one horse, A Bit of Champagne, and use the money to build Saddle Rock Ridge Farm, a place where horses and budding equestrians alike can come to learn.
Brandon Klinger

The go-to guy for equipment, Brandon put in many weekends alongside the rest of the crew helping to build SRRF by finding, transporting, and running large equipment needed during construction. Although newer to the horse world, he has begun riding and has learned how to properly help care for the horses.
Sprocket (Left) and Smidgen (Right)

Our two tiny mascots! Both are Bichon Frise dogs and always keep things lively around SRRF. They love when one of the horses is brought up by the house on a ride or just to graze and enjoy when we have visitors. Both played a part in the beginnings of the farm by giving the whole crew free entertainment and lots of love after long days of working.